"There are two motives for reading a book; one, that you enjoy it; the other, that you can boast about it." — Bertrand Russell

Friday, 7 October 2011



There are no other words to express my views regarding the recent YA horror cum mystery novel by Alexandra Harvey. This is my first Harvey novel and mark my words, I am clearly fascinated by the plot.

''She does not believe in ghosts. But they believe in her.''

Set in the 1870s, the story revolves around the young and pretty Violet whose mother blackmails relatives of the deceased by claiming that she has the noble ability to contact people from the afterworld. On her way to the country for a spiritualist show at the estate of a man of high society, Violet suddenly discovers that she really can see ghosts, among which one wants her to solve her murder. Violet should be careful when the murderer is still on loose. With the house full of guests and secrets, everyone turns into a suspect.

Since I was reading novels set in the 21st century for the last few months, I found this quite a refreshing read and reminded me of classics like Little Women, Oliver Twist...

I loved Violet's clumsy ways, how she hated wearing corsets which hinders her movement and breathing ability, how she found all proper ladies ways rather convoluted, how she hated the way her mother used her as a pawn in her endless quest for riches and prestige and how she was gradually falling in love....

Haunting Violet is clearly not a hardcore horror story which will give you nightmares but you can smell the pervading scent of danger throughout the book. Alyxandra Harvey did such an excellent job in her portrayal of the times that I almost felt as if I were transported to the late 1870’s. The description was interesting and at times, humorous-I was never bored. Many thanks to Dot Scribbles. It was through her blog this fantastic book came to my notice and I decided to read it.

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